National Tiles Ceramic wall and floor tiles look great in all types of spaces, indoor and outdoor, public and private. There’s a type of ceramic tile for every possible space, including a wide range of products for use throughout your project, from the more traditional area tiles to spectacular tiles for Driveways, Pathways, Façade, Stairs and Industrial floorings. Their outstanding technical features have also made National Tiles ceramic tiles an increasingly popular choice for use in interior and exterior public spaces, including high traffic floors, urban pavements, etc.


National Tiles is an Ideal Choice for

National Tiles has developed Insulation Tiles for Roof & Terraces with Special Heat Reflective glaze (HRNT-613), which contributes to energy saving by decreasing cooling & heating cost.

Industrial Flooring
National Tiles gives their customers a wide range of slip resistant & chemical resistant tiles. Our ranges of Industrial tiles are recommended for areas characterized by increased risk of slipping, extreme stress and high loads.

Roof Top (Insulation Tiles)
National Tiles has developed Insulation Tiles for Roof & Terraces with Special Heat Reflective glaze (HRNT-613), which contributes to energy saving by decreasing cooling & heating cost.

Walk way & Passages
National Tiles are amongst the most popular flooring options. They are resistant and adapt to any surface, and their wide range of aesthetic options enables us to turn an existing space into a whole new setting. Thanks to their durability, resistance to wear and tear and low maintenance.

Swimming pool
Dive into our swimming pool tiles and mosaics tiles for the a great solution for your pool or jacuzzi.  From vibrant blues to calming whites we have the perfect swimming pool tiles for all kinds of pool and surrounds. Their anti-allergenic properties and impermeability help to prevent development of colonies of germs and fungi.

Stair cases
National Tiles “Step Tile” is an extremely durable product that does not wear, even under heavy foot traffic. It is also very easy to clean. New projects are installing National Tiles tread tiles to their emergency staircases as they are easy to maintain and gives a beauty to their structure.

The technical advantages and wide range of aesthetic finishes make National Tiles ceramic wall and floor tiles a popular choice for a large number of high traffic public spaces including stores, restaurants, hospitals, metro stations, airports and shopping malls.

Facade / Cladding Tiles
Façades are the first architectural barrier that protects homes from harsh external conditions. Ceramic tiles on façades form a protective cladding against extreme temperatures, water and damp. Various Studies have shown that the use of ceramic tiles on facades add to their integrity and Durability.

Characteristics such as their resistance to wear and tear, breaking strength and non-slip properties make ceramic tiles the ideal option for these spaces. In addition, the wide range of products means that there's a style that adapts to any setting or décor, suitable for use on both floors and walls.

Schools & Colleges
National Tiles can handle heavy pedestrian traffic and it is one of the key reasons why it is so popular in Schools / University or and education facility projects.

National Tiles are an ideal choice for the basement areas in your project. Whether it be an underground parking facility or just storage areas, they are far easier to clean than other materials: all it takes is a damp cloth, and if the surface is stained with dirt or grease, cleaning agents get the tiles looking like new, without damaging them or altering their appearance in any way.

Facing of Columns
National Tiles Façade Tiles are a collection of numerous shades collection and finishes that have been designed with today's building technology, health and safety, environmental legislation and cost concerns in mind.

Kitchen flooring & walls
It's no coincidence that National Tiles reign supreme in modern kitchens. The material used in this central space of any home has a twofold purpose: it has to be practical – and it must also be in tune with the tastes of those that use this space.

Water Tanks
National Tiles are the logical choice for this crucial area of the home such as the water tanks; thanks to their anti-bacterial and hygienic properties. Their anti-allergenic properties and impermeability help to prevent the appearance of damp and the development of colonies of germs and fungi.

Mosaic Floorings
First impressions matter. By installing a Mosaic pattern from National Tiles on your floorings, pathway, etc. this bridges the civic, public life and the private, family life. A tessellated tiled path from National Tiles is not only beautiful but extremely durable and cost effective when used with random pieces. However if designed with precise cutting details the cost may vary.