Tile Types (Range of Products)


“We manufacture a wide range of ceramic tiles. All our tiles are carefully selected for quality and appearance.”

With four distinct tile surfaces to choose from, you can now select the exact tile to match your ideas imaginatively and practically.

From bathrooms, kitchen, Living rooms, terraces, driveways and swimming pools to shopping centers, hospitals, laboratories, factories, air port and even facades of buildings… You can create your own combinations with the choice offered only by National Tiles.

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National Tiles, “Checkered Tiles” are designed for specialized requirements only. This series is used in mainly spaces where extreme grip is required.

  • Parking area ramps, use National Tiles Checkered Tiles, for extra grip to the vehicles.
  • Hotels, Schools, all sorts of Commercial projects ramps, etc..
  • Hospital area ramps, for the stretchers.
  • Ramps for the handicap people… etc.



Step Tiles

National Tiles “Step Tile” is an extremely durable product that does not wear, even under heavy foot traffic. It is also very easy to clean.

With so many colors, patterns, and surface options, it’s easy to choose the national Tiles stair treads that are right for your installation. And with color-coordinated tile, and accessories you can create a perfectly smooth transition from floor to treads.