Technical Details  

Unlike other technologies in which the ceramic articles are compressed separately from almost dry granulate with the desired extrusion profile format or a complex is formed from a plastic mass having a residual moisture of approx. 15% using continuous Extrusion molding openings, which in cross-section is performed only cut the desired length.

Thanks to the extrusion - The variety of shaped elements are formed.

In the dry pressing, the possibility of creating complex shapes are very limited. And extrusion allows producing different shaped ceramic elements to the individual. This method is easier and more aesthetic. Speaking of comfort to use: just shaped elements allow us to make ceramic flooring perfect.

Firing in the tunnel kiln 

Extremely bright colors and unprecedented load capacity - the result of a long firing. When manufacturing unglazed elements the absence of glaze, naturalness and strength: these are classical properties of ceramics after firing in a tunnel kiln. This special baking method is different in that today is not typical of industrial processes - the duration, the absence of any haste.

Firing in the tunnel kiln lasts from 36 to 48 hours of material processed slowly and gently in at optimal phase durations of heating, firing and cooling. From this mode, hinges critically on the properties of the product. In addition, this technology provides an extremely rich colors and a huge load capacity of ceramics.

Very uniform pore structure and fully sintered, dyed raw provide resistance ceramics, fracture and make it high. Indeed, in the tunnel kilns firing temperature can be easily adjusted and the atmosphere.