Unlike other construction materials, Ceramics tiles have not only a technical function, but primarily an aesthetic function.  

Attractive Price
With Split Technology two tiles are produced in one cycle thereby making it possible to market them at an affordable attractive price.

Brutal Strength
National Tiles are fired on very high temperatures (1180°C) five times longer than normal tiles to make them vitrified solid, hard, strong and extremely durable.

Greatest Impact Resistance
The extrusion process and longer firing time gives National Tiles the strength that makes them ideal choice for general flooring as well as industrial flooring.

Built-in Grip
Rears of National Tiles have dove tail from of ribs/ grooves which provides for more secure and permanent grip/ adhesion on walls/ facing.

Special Accessories
National Tiles is the only tile which provides matching accessories namely Facing Strip, Step Angle, Step Tile and Plain Angle in double glazed, rough glazed & unglazed surfaces.

Waterproof/ Chemical Proof
National Tiles are waterproof & chemical proof because their body is completely vitrified.


Abrasion Resistant
Very high scratch hardness ensures abrasion resistance and extreme hygiene.

Corrosion Resistant
Will not corrode due to verifications, chemical property and crystalline structure.

Will withstand extreme weather conditions be it hard sunshine or biting frost or heavy rains.

Sun Fast Colors
No color Changes after continuous exposure to strong sunlight.

Acid/ Alkali Resistant
National Tiles are resistant to acids and alkalis.

Fire proof
National Tiles are ultimate in fire resistance, which not only provide the best fire resistance of any known composite material, but also produce virtually no toxic fumes or smoke in the event of a fire over the Tiles.

7% minimum pre-consumer recycled content
Material that is diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process, which is then bought or traded and incorporated into another manufacturing process.

Environmentally-friendly approach
An environmentally-friendly approach is essential for the economy. All the waste from the manufacturing process is recycle and reused in the production. This involves non-fired tiles rejected throughout the manufacturing process, or tiles found defective after the firing phase. All waste water is filtered using a special technological procedure and re-used together with the filtered solid particles in the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process only uses natural materials without the content of heavy metals. Generally, it is a waste-less technology.

Ceramics: all advantages at a glance

• Visual and tactile surface structuring avoids unattractive monotony
• Aesthetic look
• An almost unlimited range of colours allows the realization of comprehensive, individual design concepts
• Numerous pool edge systems for all types of swimming pools
• Various special pieces and special solutions for adjoining areas such as e.g. benches, stairs, standing steps, ladder recesses, letter tiles, shower tub systems
• Solid pool edge systems and special pieces, i.e. without cavities
• Perfectly matched accessories
• Absolutely hygienic
• Ecologically harmless
• Non-decaying and corrosion-proof (ferruginous waters …)
• Resistant to aggressive water treated with chlorine, salt, ozone, thermal and mineral water
• Resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants
• Light-fast also in case of exposure to extreme solar radiation
• Long-lived
• Integrally colors, i.e. not only on the visible side
• No lime efflorescence
• Manufactured by long-duration firing at above 1180 °C
• Absolutely light-fast and resistant to UV light
• Resistant to chemicals, also to aggressive media such as de-icing salt
• Frost-proof, resistant to ash, glowing substances etc.
• High resistance to abrasion
• Extremely durable and economical

Quality and variety
This success has many reasons: architectural ceramics from National Tiles is manufactured in modern production facilities on Germany Plant in Pakistan and meets highest quality standards. The immense range of colors, sizes and surfaces guarantees a maximum of creative design scope in Ceramic Split Tiles range.