The very basics of tile making are the most important when it comes to sustainability and maintenance. Conventional tiles do not have the strength to sustain applications.

National Tiles is Manufacturing Vitrified Tiles, which is made by baking fine minerals, at extreme high temperatures where the individual grains or particles melt and fuse make a vitreous surface. Thus creating a single mass making them extremely hard with low porosity.

National Tiles is a masterly blend of the finest in traditional ceramics and modern extrusion and Split Technology. They are fired on very high temperatures (1180°C) five times longer than other tiles under the most grueling conditions in the largest tunnel kiln in the country. National Tiles combine the astonishing strength and elegance, making them the perfect choice for all kinds of floors and walls, Indoor and outdoor environments.



Types of Tiles

We manufacture a wide range of ceramic tiles. All our tiles are carefully selected for quality, appearance and patterns to suit verity of cross section of Builders and users.




The range for creative people: Color is one of the most elementary means of architectural design. It directly affects the emotions of the observer and considerably contributes to the characteristic appearance of a building. Our facade systems take this central significance of color into account – with an immense range of most different shades, which offer creative planners new design scope again and again. Take your choice!


Terracotta Tiles

The terracotta quarry tile by National Tiles are classic as they come, perfect for indoors or even outdoors.

Teamed with natural decors for a traditional country feel or with more colorful interiors for a bright and warm room, Quarry Tiles are durable, hardwearing and visually stunning.





Heat Insulation Tiles

National Tiles has developed Insulation Tiles for Roof Terraces with SpecialHeatReflective glaze (HRNT-613), whichcontributes to energy saving by decreasing cooling heating cost.